Closing in 21302

€ 400,000+ ?

~ $ 450,440+

Draw result BonoLoto

Jackpot: € 500,000

Winning numbers

  • 11
  • 15
  • 21
  • 24
  • 38
  • 47
  • 25
  • 4

The broadcast recording of the draw is not provided by the Lottery Operator.

Prize breakdown


Matched combinations


Your winnings

-No winners
  • C
-No winners
95€ 2,446.42
3,913€ 31.35
75,113€ 4.00
  • R
420,404€ 0.50

All BonoLoto winnings over € 2,500 are subject to federal tax of 20%. The tax applies to the difference between the amount of the winning and € 2,500.

See Bonoloto lottery results online

The Spanish lottery BonoLoto is created for lovers of excitement, because this popular national lottery is famous for its daily (except Sundays) lottery draws, simple rules, low prices and the additional ball Complementario which greatly increases the chances to win the second large prize.

Remarkably, the Jackpot of BonoLoto is scoped every few days, as well as a secondary prize of the category "5+C", where 5 is the number of regular balls matched, and 1 is the bonus ball Complementario. See for yourself by viewing the archive of Bonoloto results for the last few years!

Bonoloto winning numbers are published every day except Sunday. The minimum prize of the lottery is not less than 400,000 euros and increases with each draw until it gets the level of a few million.

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